I heart F.O.S.

Cup of love.

Cup of love.

To me, nothing smells more like fall than French onion soup. The salty, sharp, sweet, hearty flavors of autumn. My sweetie and I like to make this soup whenever we crave the culinary equivalent of a warm blanket.

The soup is cheap to make and goes well as a first course or the main course, with a salad on the side.

This pile of tear-worthy onions would soon become a caramelized reduction.

After half an hour in my trusty Martha Stewart dutch oven, the flavors of chicken and beef stocks, red wine, bay leaf, parsley (see floating), thyme and balsamic vinegar steeped with the onions.

A sliced baguette with shredded swiss and parmesan cheese is broiled to bubbly goodness with a sprinkling of green onions on top.

It looks like a heart! Love is delicious.


One response to “I heart F.O.S.

  1. This look soooo yummy — and I don’t even think I like French Onion soup!

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