An ode to a cutting board

Sometimes I feel like a culinary novice, like when I found out that the best cutting boards are end-grain, not the cheap plastic ones I’ve been using since college.

Serendipity shined on me when I noticed a round end-grain bamboo cutting board at Newport Avenue Market earlier this month. It was in the discount bin, thanks to a few imperfections. Marked down: $65. Still too much for me.

Then, last week, I saw it marked down to $30. Well, I couldn’t resist. So here she is, folks. Perfect for slicing, dicing, serving bread or a selection of cheeses.


2 responses to “An ode to a cutting board

  1. Wow! I approve and am a tiny bit jealous 🙂

  2. I love the Newport Disco Rack. I find some of the best stuff there. I probably would have swooped on that cutting board myself had I spotted it. Good find!

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