Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

Birthday dinners

Last week, we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday and it made me think back to all my birthday dinners growing up. I remember going through stages: the artichoke and Costco-chicken stage, the beef taco stage, the Laotian Cafe stage and the chicken-fingers with mashed potatoes and gravy stage.

Boyfriend wanted a seafood feast this year and he wanted to be the one making the crab cakes. So he bought HUGE king crab legs and cracked them the night before. He then shredded and mixed them with red bell pepper, parsley, mayo, egg, S&P, Old Bay seasoning and bread crumbs. These he formed into patties and refrigerated overnight. img_1879 The next day, while I was making Ina Gartens’ scallops provencal, he fried the cakes in vegetable oil and made a chipotle aioli sauce on top. So rich. So, so rich. img_1881 I wasn’t too happy with my scallops. They are basically floured and browned, then tossed with shallots, white wine, parsley and butter. My personal opinion is that scallops are best seared, because their flavor holds up on its own. Here are my scallops with his crabby cakes. img_1889 The day after his birthday, boyfriend turned his leftover crab cakes into these delish sammies with the sauce, tomatoes and avocado. I threw my scallops down the garbage disposal. img_1890