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This is how I sushi roll

My friend Elle and I enjoyed an evening of shopping (black leather Sofft booties) and sushi (home made) the other night. It was a surprisingly good way to use up leftovers in the fridge.

I cooked the Japanese-style sticky rice ahead of time, so it would be cool enough to work with after we went to the grocery store. I didn’t do this step, but you can mix in the vinegar-sugar solution to add an authentic flavor to your roll. And don’t forget to fan the rice as you stir.

Using my bamboo sushi roller, we made sushi with leftover shrimp from the shrimp cocktail at my party, thinly sliced cucumbers, green onions and a sauce I made with mayo, garlic chili sauce, oyster sauce, tamari and sesame oil.

Then we made another one with leftover lox (smoked salmon) from bagel sandwiches, avocado, cucumber and wasabi paste.

Elle was a novice sushi maker, but she caught on easily, and learned that a little wasabi goes a looong way.

We ate on the special silk place setting my parents got me in China, and used the plates and chopsticks my friend Ann gave me last Christmas. Delicious and healthy — with enough for the next day’s lunch!

Shrimp sushi roll

Fudging the facts

The hourglass is nearly empty for my ugly Christmas sweater/sock party tomorrow, and I’ve been busy preparing all week.

Last night, I finished my famous Christmas Fudge.


It’s your basic fudge recipe: melt 8 oz. chocolate with 1 stick of butter (I use half semi-sweet and half bittersweet chocolate). Then add that to a mixture of 2 eggs, 1 pound of powdered sugar. Then you spread it into a buttered pan and chill.

I added broken bits of candy cane on top because I love mint and chocolate together.


I must admit, this fudge is effing awesome. I used to ask for just a pan of it for Christmas. Yeah, that good.

Confession of a fudge-a-holic

Confession of a fudge-a-holic

Stay tuned for  more party pics this weekend….