Venetian grilled cheese

Grilled cheese another way.

Grilled cheese another way.

Sometimes, you just crave cheese fried between two pieces of bread. The other day, I fulfilled my craving with an adaptation to  Giada’s Venetian Panino.

Here’s how:

Spread butter and Dijon mustard on two pieces of sourdough bread while a skillet heats on the stove. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan.

Sprinkle shredded Swiss cheese (Gruyere works well here) on both pieces, then layer deli turkey on one side. Add cracked pepper and a pinch of garlic powder (or salt, if you like).

Press the sandwich together and place in the pan. Press it down with a spatula while it turns golden on one side, then flip and repeat.

There’s something about the combination of dijon, cheese and olive oil that makes this delicious. Goes well dipped in tomato soup.

5 responses to “Venetian grilled cheese

  1. Dang, that sounds good. We’re big fans of grilled cheeses on sourdough, but have never tried with dijon. Am I correct to assume the butter is on the inside with the mustard, and the olive oil is the only “fat” on the outside?

    Also enjoyed your previous post about sushi. I always have added the vinegar/salt/sugar solution because I thought that helped make the rice sticky. Is it really just for taste? I use Niko Niko Calrose rice – is that sticky enough on its own?

  2. Yes, butter is on the inside of the sandwich and you fry it with the olive oil on the outside. I tried it without the butter inside and it just wasn’t as good.

    I use the Niko Niko rice, too, and I find that it’s plenty sticky! I think the vinegar solution makes the rice sweeter and gives it a pearly shine. Yum!

  3. Dang, Jake and I just made grilled cheese for dinner tonight. He used pepperjack but we totally have these ingredients too! Next time…

  4. Have I told you about Ham on the Street’s theory that you can take “any bread, cheese, or jelly in any combination” and it will make a great grilled cheese sandwich?

    We tried it with all the left over cheeses and jelly’s from the holidays. There is not a bad combination. It’s amazing. I hope you give it a shot.


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