La comida de Honduras

I recently got back from a trip to Honduras and yes, you must begin the jealousy now. And as it always is with my family, the food was central to our entertainment and pleasure.

We had a fresh seafood stew, whole red snapper, a grill-out, chorizo and many home-made tortillas and juice cocktails. We also consumed lots and lots of beer and rum.

The house we stayed at had a personal chef, Alan, who was able to make food to fit even the picky eaters in our group. He made both traditional Honduran and non-traditional foods.

Our first night, we had a shrimp dish with flan for dessert. The shrimp are so big, they make ours in this area look really pathetic.

Shrimp with rice, veggies and tortillas

Shrimp with rice, veggies and tortillas

Banana flan

Banana flan

Another meal was a tenderloin of beef (grass-fed, of course) wrapped in bacon and served with pasta and a thick sauce.

Steak and noodles.

Steak and noodles with an olive/cucumber salad.

We were served three meals a day (so spoiled!) and one day for lunch we had an amazing tortilla soup. With tons of fried corn tortillas, avocado, cheese, chicken and pork rinds to sprinkle on top.

Fixin's for an amazing tortilla soup

Fixin's for an amazing tortilla soup

Pork rinds!



Our chef cooked delicious meals for 13 people, and this photo displays his cool knife skills.

Tomato and cucumber salad

Tomato and cucumber salad

It’s good to be back, but I’m already planning my next big vacation! I highly recommend visiting a warm climate during these cold months. Adios!


4 responses to “La comida de Honduras

  1. Hola! soy de honduras y me gustaria saber como hacer el flan de platano muchas gracias ..

  2. Debbie,
    Lo siento, no tengo la receta! Nuestro cocinero no compartirlo con nosotros.

  3. hola,me gustaria tener la receta de como hacer el shop sui hondureno,gracias.

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