New Zydeco, in a word

Whoa. I’m so glad that Zydeco moved downtown!

The good things, in list form:

1. BBQ shrimp with grits cake and a cajun sauce that I would even eat over my cereal in the morning! They gave us extra bread for mopping.

2. Pomegranate martinis. No explanation needed.

3. Grilled redfish with crab meat on top. And that lemony sauce! I always admire a chef who can do sauces really well. They can make a meal.

4. Babyback ribs, of which I tried. Tender, with a good sauce. You get about 12 ribs for your money.

5. Saw the chef/owner serving dishes and greeting diners. Another testament to what a good business he runs.

6. Wait staff. Good service, but did he forget to read us the specials? Whatever.

7. Atmosphere. One-hundred percent better than the previous location, even though that wasn’t half bad at all. It was open and lively and comfortable. I did some great people watching.

8. Prices – you really get what you pay for, and that is saying something in this town.

9. I can’t wait to go back.


2 responses to “New Zydeco, in a word

  1. How was prom? 😉

    We loved it too. But I’ll save my comments for my blog post, LOL…

  2. Prom was really fun. Alas, I am not a teenager anymore, and dinner was the highlight of the night.

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