Getting to know me

I have an excuse: I am moving.

That is why I’ve been so non-existent on the blog front – my life is being rolled up in newspaper, placed in brown boxes  and sealed with tape. I’ve already packaged up my Martha Stewart stainless steel collection (note to self: take better care of pots and pans – they already have black bottoms!) and my Dutch oven, so now I’m cooking on the stuff I bought from Costco during the University days.

Moving is by far one of the most stressful life experiences. I am in a constant state of incomplete – not everything is packed, yet my nest is horribly fractured. I crave a place to just relax after work, but alas, that couch left yesterday.

Another incidental about the whole moving-out process is what to do with your food. It’s not so easy as just eating out of your cupboards – even I can’t have pasta EVERY night, and sometimes I just want to treat myself to sushi or something. I already know that I’ll be giving hundreds of dollars worth of food away to my friends (or the trash can), but I’m viewing it as a write-off.

So please excuse me, dear readers, as I get my new life (across the country) in order!

In lieu of an actual blog post, here is my equivalent to those annoying forwards you get or those aggravating surveys on Facebook.

Favorite cooking utensil: My square-ended wooden spoon.

Favorite cooking pot: Glazed ceramic Martha Stewart Dutch oven. It’s perfect.

Culinary guilt: Top Ramen

Culinary pleasure: Lemon-herb roasted chicken with new potatoes, fennel, onion, carrot (I made this last week!)

Favorite ingredient: Garlic

Favorite thing to chop: Italian parsley – plus, it makes everything taste fresher. (runner up: rhubarb)

Least-favorite thing to chop: onions, although I love chopping shallots.

Must-have in kitchen: thick, wooden cutting board.

Favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish: Gravy! It goes on everything! But for me to make, probably my roasted cauliflower with herbs and parmesan or my Italian apple/chestnut/sausage stuffing.

Favorite heritage meal: Pierogies.

Kitchen wish-list: A KitchenAid stand mixer, Crock-Pot, glass mixing bowls, ceramic casserole dishes, vintage crystal champagne glasses, ah the list goes on!

Food-blog pleasures: and They are my inspiration.

Favorite cookbook (baking): How to Be a Domestic Goddess, by Nigella Lawson

Favorite cookbook (other): Barefoot Contessa

Cookbook you couldn’t live without: Best Recipes (I could lose all others and still be content with just this!)

Favorite ethnic food: Thai

Best food you’ve had outside the U.S.: This place we went to in Barcelona, Spain, with the chocolate/olive oil dessert….drool.


Favorite quick lunch food: Pasta aglio e olio: saute  chopped garlic in EVOO, add dash of pepper flakes and a tablespoon of anchovy paste, stir until melted together, then stir in handful of chopped parsley, add S&B, toss with pasta and grate over Parmesan.

Favorite drink: Depends on the season! Now, perhaps a mojito or a sparkling wine. In the fall, red wine (any kind) and mulled cider.

Favorite food season: Late summer.

Something you’ve always wanted to make: Apple pie.

Something you’ll never make: a wedding cake. Or beef stroganoff.

Favorite Food Network shows: Barefoot Contessa, Everyday Italian.


3 responses to “Getting to know me

  1. flipflopsintherain

    You’re cute and I love this. But I also love those annoying email forwards.

    On a side note, we should get you’re own cooking show.

  2. Flippy, I always think of you when I fill out those things!

    I can’t wait for YOU to cook for ME when I visit Virginia….

  3. I love this post, but it makes me sad at the same time. I remember when you got many of the things on your list. I can’t wait to visit you and have a weekend full of wine and amazing food.

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