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Totally easy weeknight pasta

Also totally yummy and healthy

Also totally yummy and healthy

I often crave a simple pasta dish that is light on fat but heavy on the garlic, salt and pepper flakes. This, my friends, is what I did tonight…

Boil some water for pasta. I made half a box of capellini (my fave), but any pasta would do.

In a skillet, heat two swirls of EVOO over medium. Add a ton of chopped garlic – at least five cloves (or whatever you prefer). Add two anchovy fillets or 1 T anchovy pasta. Stir to dissolve and add a few shakes of red pepper flakes (or don’t, if you can’t stand the heat). Cook out the anchovy until it melts but don’t brown the garlic (bitter bitter)!

Now, add one large chopped tomato or equivalent. I used a week-old heirloom from the farmers’ market – one of those gorgeous yellow ones with ribbons of pink throughout. Stir in the tomatoes, add salt and pepper, and cover the whole pan with a lid. This will steam the tomatoes and will thicken the sauce.

Once you drain the pasta, take the lid off the skillet and add in a large handful of parsley, chopped. The tomatoes will be soft and sweet and bubbling in the sauce. Add the pasta and stir everything to combine. Season again to taste. Top with tons of Parm-Reg.

I ate mine with a simple salad of baby lettuce and a glass of wine. Now I will drink more wine and watch “Friends” and then maybe “Sleepless in Seattle.” Because, friends, this is a good meal for single gals, or if you aren’t single, gals who are enjoying an evening alone without boys.

Enjoy! xoxo