Word associations

I had a dream last night where everyone I knew turned into a food product. It got me thinking about how we associate food with people.

Here is a list of some significant people in my life (in no particular order) and the food items that remind me of them:

1. Cari – pumpkin-spice latte. It’s all she drinks from September to January.

2. Marielle – champagne. Let’s just say they belong together.

3. Kitty – Goldfish crackers. She hates all human food except this.

4. Heidi – White wine. Remember that old bottle of chardonnay that was in your fridge for like two years, halfway empty? I’ll never forget that.

5. Jesse – (this one was hard to narrow down) Sweet Scrumptious Yummies. These were gummy treats from Newport Market in Bend that he always ate while playing video games.

6. Val – Fried chicken. She knows why.

7. Merissa and Luke – whole grains. They left some in my cupboard. It was so them!

8. Chuck Smith – babaganooey (baba ghannouj). “The j is silent.”

9. Mom – hoppin’ john!

10. Dad – pierogies.

11. Lillian – pizza. From that time you somehow broke mom’s favorite lamp with a pizza box.

12. Chuck Chiang – processed cheese products.

13. Uncle Ples – Bud Lite. From that time I tattled to mom that you were drinking and driving, but really you were spitting tobacco into an empty Bud Lite can.

14. Kelly G. – spaghetti. We always had spaghetti at your parents’ house. I always hated spaghetti sauce.

15. Tris – Easy Mac. You would always walk into our dorm room and say, “It smells like Easy Mac in here!”

16. Darcy – chocolate, from that time when we worked at The Gap together and you got chocolate muffin all over your face. “It will only get worse.”

17. The Asian Cafe, circa 1995. Short-term Laotian restaurant near my parent’s house that made the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. Chef’s Special #5 with chicken. I need to travel to Laos to find it again.


7 responses to “Word associations

  1. Doritos!

  2. Cooler Ranch.

  3. I’m positively giddy that you don’t associate me with alcohol. Anymore.


  4. I’m proud to be associated with a regional delicacy (hoppin’ john). Here’s what I associate with you, my dear: organic turkey franks and spaghetti with butter and garlic salt!

  5. I love that Miss Kit became a Goldfish cracker! Haha! You have awesome dreams. Poor Chuck though … cheese whiz chuck!

  6. By the way, I just stopped by to get an idea for what to cook for dinner. I’m eating crackers and drinking wine and perusing your site to find a dinner recipe. Wish you were here to enjoy this warm evening.

  7. I don’t remember this, but it sounds like me. It was always trouble when the white wine started to go down like water.

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