Daily Archives: May 2, 2010

Simple pleasures

As the temperature creeps past 70 each day, so follows the humidity. And with humidity comes warm evenings that make me lust after screened-in porches with hanging lanterns and views of the greenery. If there is one thing I will always associate with my Southern Living, it is screened-in porches.

Another simple pleasure is random acts of thoughtfulness. I had a crummy day last weekend and my thoughtful roommate met my mood with “Can I pour you a glass of wine and make you lunch?” Good god, yes. And then I found she had placed a bouquet of sunflowers and my favorite food magazines on my bed.

Honestly, what would we do without our women friends?

We enjoyed a crisp chicken Caesar salad from Whole Foods, leftover roasted potatoes and a glass of pinot grigio.

And then we sat in the back porch, talking about life and just watching the leaves blow.