Southern charm


I went on a run through a nice part of town recently. It was pouring down rain and thunder threatened from above. But everything was so warm and beautiful … and I was overwhelmed by the smells of gardenia and magnolias. Hydrangeas in a rainbow of pinks, whites and blues decorated every yard and the bright green leaves and bamboo stalks sagged with the weight of the summer rain. I was soaked and never happier because it was so gosh-durn pretty all around me.

In honor of Memorial Day, and a special guest I entertained over the long weekend, I give you … reasons why The South fits me like a glove (as one friend says):

Fried pickles at Mozelle's

The magnolias are blooming!

We had breakfast on the patio, with Reynolda Farm Market sage sausage, farm organic eggs, heirloom tomatoes and Ollie’s Bakery bread with sweet-potato butter. Oh, and Stumptown Coffee, for a taste of Portland, Ore.!

A farm breakfast on my patio, watching the cardinals play

A nice trip to the farmers’ market yielded a bounty of flowers and vegetables…

Heirloom tomatoes!

Do you look for faces in the tomatoes?

Fresh okra!

Fried pies!

You know you're in The South when...

We also tried, for the first and hopefully last time, real Appalachian moonshine! The poison was made smooth and sweet with the introduction of fresh berries.


I’ll let your imagination take you where this evening ended…

This was the only rational solution to a night of moonshine.

More to come, friends! xoxo


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