Daily Archives: July 5, 2010

Independence Day

A friendly kitchen

On this Independence Day, I spent every moment surrounded by strong women, goofy family members and pets who never seem to forget that they love me, even when they only see me twice a year. It was fitting to hear Aretha Franklin bellow “Freedom!” on the radio this morning.

My parents and I attended a casual barbecue with friends. We had the normal fixins: barbecue chicken that dad had brined and butterflied, along with fresh corn on the cob. (Note: mom said, “Save the livers for me!”

We rolled the corn cobs in butter until it dripped down the sides…

I made my scalloped tomatoes with basil from the garden – always a crowd-pleaser.

We drank strong gin & tonics, sat on the back deck and talked until the sun went down. It was simple and lovely. As it should be.

Whether your Fourth of July included moonshine or a “Twilight Zone” marathon, I hope it was spent with love. xoxo