Daily Archives: December 10, 2010

Christmastime is Here

We didn’t have any chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but we did have this warm and cozy scene in which to sit with cozy socks and a bottle of pinot noir. I felt straight out of a Martha Stewart Living holiday edition – all we needed was a little more snow on the frozen ground outside.

The mantle holds vintage wax Santas, nutcrackers and instead of a nativity scene…a “Rudolph” scene!

As Grant fussed around the tree, I made a batch of mom’s festive cookies for a party on Friday. I’m calling them almond-scented cream cheese sugar cookies (recipe to come). The dough was so creamy and supple, sprinkled with sugar crystals and absolutely delicious.

It’s silent nights like these, where you’re with the ones who love you, that remind me why I shamelessly love Christmastime. Because it makes it okay for me to be a sentimentalist who is happy on a comfy couch with a brightly lit tree and old Christmas tunes in the background. Because it’s okay to wax poetic about children’s cartoon characters. Because it’s okay to be OCD about the tree standing straight or the ornaments being hung evenly.

Hope you all are having a peaceful holiday so far … I’ll be back with more recipes from the various parties I know we all will be overdosed on.