Best breakfast in Winston-Salem – Breakfast of Course

Winston-Salem has a wealth of tasty Southern-foodie restaurants, and my favorites are the ones that serve brunch (brunch is a fever that the NW hasn’t caught yet). One thing I like about the Southern soul food trend is the new twists on old classics, like fried chicken and waffles.

I’ve been to Breakfast of Course a number of times, but never saw the chicken-and-waffles meal as a “for me” item (to use ad-speak). But then I recently read the description – spiced waffles sandwiching a lightly breaded and pan-fried chicken cutlet, with real Grade A maple syrup on the side. I ordered it immediately, with a side of tomatoes just to get a vegetable in.

Y.U.M., folks. The chicken was so tender and smoky-savory and it was insane surrounded by the perfectly cooked waffle, which had hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. I drizzled a little bit of syrup on top and everything came together.

I highly recommend this dish next time you’re in the mood for some soul food that isn’t deep-fried. (Note: the owner came to our table and said this is one of her favorite dishes)

Enjoy, friends! xoxo


5 responses to “Best breakfast in Winston-Salem – Breakfast of Course

  1. This was my first Breakfast Of Course experience – with Seton during my interview. I was hooked. YUM!

  2. Frankly, we were disappointed with BOC. The last time we went our food was fairly tasteless and the service was awful. We even had to find someone to find our waitress (she had forgotten half our order). And it was expensive. We loved the old Mary’s but we won’t be going back to this one. Too bad. It’s nice to have choices for breakfast.

  3. Bill, I’m sorry you have a bad taste in your mouth from BOC. The service has never bothered me and I’ve put up with way worse to get good food. I agree, we have many great choices for breakfast and brunch!

    I appreciate not having to wait outside like at Mary’s. For my money, I’ll keep going back for those “apple-butter babies” and waffles – not to mention the breakfast nachos!

  4. Service terrific; atmosphere noisy ( to put it most mildly), food so-so: eggs Benedict fine but cool, asparagus nearly all tough stalk — hardly worth the wait. New location not really known in this neighborhood-in-transition. Hurrying to meet relatives, I turned my ankle on a jutting brick and just managed to catch myself ; a passing black dude on way to barbershop kindly asked this little senior if I was all right. I said, “Yes, just looking for Breakfast of Course.” Appalled shock and embarrassment mingled on his face until I explained it was a restaurant — he must have thought I was trying to panhandle! Maybe more advertising is merited for such a mixed neighborhood? All told, too pricey for the product.

    • I’m sorry you had a bad experience, Linda! I hope your next meal (and I do expect you to wander back, when your ankle heals) will make up for it. It truly is a fixture in this community and I can’t imagine a Winston-Salem without breakfast nachos! 🙂

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