Daily Archives: January 26, 2011

Birthdays for foodies

From time to time, people ask me what they should give their foodie friend for a birthday or holiday. I don’t feel like I give good answers, because I always say things that I would want. Like a depression glass lemon juicer. Or a marble-handled caviar spoon.

I don’t know whom my friends consulted, but I got some pretty awesome foodie gifts this birthday. Three of my friends gave me a cookbook made entirely of food-blogger recipes. All the more inspiration to get myself published!

And then there’s Grant. He impressed my jaded little heart. Among his gifts were a couple pieces of vintage artwork that he framed. The most special was a vintage burlap sack he found from an old split-pea company based in SPOKANE, WASHINGTON (my home town!). I don’t know where he found it or in what decade it was made, but the throwback illustration is awesome and it will look great hung in the living room.

Remember my blog about that special Bundt pan? I remarked to Grant at the time that I would love to have a bunch of other Bundt pans of all kinds, including copper, and hang them in my kitchen as decoration. Mr. Savvy Thrift Store Shopper found six cool Bundt pans, including one that is heavy and in its original Bundt box (of Nordic origin). He also found a big copper one, a 1970s orange one and some pretty silver ones. I can’t wait to make all sorts of cakes with my new-to-me vintage cookware!

And, of course, I know exactly where they’ll hang.

I am spoiled, but we all should be spoiled by thoughtfulness, don’t you think?