Daily Archives: February 1, 2011

Bundt Pan Decorations

The Bundts are up!

Breakfast nooks are always my favorite part of a house. They conjure up such sweet thoughts of sunny mornings and warm kitchens. My dear friend Jeannine in Bellingham, Wash. had one that I’ll never forget. I think the walls were butter yellow and a big ceramic pitcher sat in the middle.

I already am researching cakes that I want to make with these functional decorations. I’m thinking a lemon-poppy-seed cake and monkey bread.

Because the light was coming in one of the kitchen windows just right, here is a random picture of ginger root, a rainbow and a lime.

Grant used to make beautiful glass tiles, a shard of which is sitting in the window, refracting the light.

Have a beautiful day, friends! xoxo