Mountain Gourmet

Ah, the clean, crystal clear air of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grant’s mountain home is a retreat like no other – you feel like you are roughing it because you are 30 minutes from the nearest “town,” but it has all the comforts of home, including a perfect little kitchen…

And a deck offering expansive views of the rolling mountains.

I could sit on this porch for hours – all I need is a drink, a magazine and maybe something to nibble on. In fact, this is typically where my friends and I relax while the boys go mountain biking or fishing or gun slinging/knife fighting, whatever it is that they do.

As I said earlier, we recently enjoyed a weekend of fun up there with a large group of friends, all of whom are big foodies. This post is dedicated to what we ate, starting with Tonya’s just-picked cucumbers, dressed simply with salt and pepper. It needed nothing more.

She also prepared a little salad of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Also from her ridiculous garden.

And her rainbow of potatoes…

She also sliced lemon and let it sit with lots of sea salt and thyme…

Which she later stuffed under the skin of this flattened chicken.

We grilled all the fresh veggies and meats outside…

And enjoy the fruits of our labor …

Is it really labor if it’s made with so much love and so many friends? I don’t think so. Can’t wait to have everybody back. And just to prove that boys aren’t the only ones riding 4-wheelers and fishing…

That’s me killing Grant at the fishing hole. Girls beat the boys, btw. We didn’t eat the fish because they “taste like pond water.”

Enjoy your weekend, friends! I’ll have lots of fun recipes to share with you.



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