Farm Wedding – The Goat Lady Dairy

Finally, I can share with you some of the beautiful pictures from my little farm wedding. Huge thanks to the talented Candice and Dan, who captured these special moments and details that made the day.

My friend Caitlyn made these fabric banners, which matched the barn’s existing aesthetic perfectly.

Grant’s sister did all of the flowers – these decorated the aisle and one of the tables…

Inside the barn … Caitlyn also cut out pages from an antique cookbook, on which she pasted special photos from my Pinterest board. The outside tables had plain white table cloths, burlap runners, glass votive candles, white milk glass vases and blue Mason jars holding the flowers. I love how all of the chairs are mis-matched.

Cocktail tables rimmed the little pond and our Ann Wood Handmade cake toppers looked so pretty perched on that buttercream icing.

I bought cheap Ikea gauzy fabric to hang from the porch – the breeze made it swing in front of the rocking chairs.

The bar/cocktail area.

Our signature cocktail…Elderflower Mule.

It was spring, so flowers were just beginning to bloom.

And so were the little goats (kids) – these were born weeks before the wedding.

I placed “Wishes” cards for people to write thoughts for the couple, which we hung on twisted weeping willow branches that I collected at the farm and then spray-painted gold.

One of the goat cheeses in our appetizer course.

And our menu – prepared in part from ingredients picked or plucked right from the farm.

And ever after…


Enjoy, friends! xoxo

2 responses to “Farm Wedding – The Goat Lady Dairy

  1. Beautiful! Congrats!

  2. so so so beautiful. the wedding and you. šŸ™‚

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