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Baked ziti with a wilted spinach salad

We’re all lucky to find someone who can cook gourmet comfort foods. This post is dedicated to why I’m a lucky girl.

Inspired by a Sopranos episode, he spent two hours making baked ziti with meatballs and a wilted spinach salad with bacon, red onions and a boiled egg on top. It was out of this world.

First, he made Italian sausage meatballs with romano cheese and parsley.

Then, he mixed them with the ricotta/romano/tomato sauce. And the rigatoni noodles.

Topped with more cheese, red pepper flakes and butter…

And baked until golden and oozing goodness.

For the salad, he browned 10 pieces of bacon, drained the fat and added sliced red onion.

Then, he wilted the spinach into the onion and bacon mixture, topping it with the pieces of egg.

Even the salad was good the next day. Hello, yum!