Monthly Archives: September 2012

Eating and Instagramming

Where have I been? Out and about and certainly not home behind a computer screen, uploading and editing photos and entries to post here. But because I want to be back in the swing my little food diary, this post is dedicated to ways I’ve been enjoying food and life … through the eyes of Instagram.

A quite moment before book club – street seating at Camino Bakery with a glass of red wine and a thick slice of Tomato Pie (and Jess Walter’s new amazing book!).

Seasoned to Taste - Camino Bakery

A trip to the beach, where the fresh mussels inspired this wine-steamed bowl of goodness (garlic, onion, pepper flakes and parsley included).

Seasoned to Taste - Steamed Mussels

Company over for dinner, and I made this roast chicken…with bacon on top. Then I tossed the bacon in a simple salad. I don’t think the chicken tasted different, but the bacon sure was better!

Seasoned to Taste - Roast Chicken with Bacon

An old college friend whom I haven’t seen in six or seven years was in town, and we dined on fried green tomatoes at The Fourth Street Filling Station.

Seasoned to Taste - Fried Green Tomatoes

Beef short ribs in the Crock Pot…

Seasoned to Taste - Beef Short Ribs

Shrimp wrapped with sage, capicola, and served on a salad with fresh mozzarella.

Seasoned to Taste - Sage Shrimp with Capicola

Honey. Artisan honey. It’s so beautiful in the window.

Seasoned to Taste - Artisan Honey

Enjoy, friends! xoxo