Top Chef – Vegas finale

Le sigh…

I won’t say who won Top Chef, just in case any of you haven’t seen it. All I want to say is that I heart Bryan Voltaggio.

Bryan and Michael Voltaggio, Top Chef

He can cook me sardines any time! Now I just need to figure out how to get to MD to eat at his restaurant….

You can follow the brothers on their blog, Voltaggio Brothers.


4 responses to “Top Chef – Vegas finale

  1. You should convince a certain flip-flop wearing mutual friend to take you to Volt when you next visit. It’s about an hour drive from DC and would be totally worth it!

  2. Yes, please! Did you know that I will be in DC at the end of the month? I’m coming, Bryan!!!

  3. if I weren’t going to Mass. for the New Year, I’d totally invite myself along for some Voltaggio hunting.

  4. OOh, I am up for some Voltaggio hunting!

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