Salty and sweet

Sometimes you find a song that is just right. It hits all the right chords, pulls all the right heartstrings. You feel sentimental and optimistic when you hear it, like it reminds you of something lost, but promises something found. Isn’t food the same way, too?

The smells, sights, sounds and tastes of food bring us to a moment in time. You could be creating that moment for the first time, or reliving it each time you take a bite.

Fran‘s caramels are the most perfect candy in the world. I normally don’t care for caramel (not wrapped around apples, not inside a Snickers, not packaged in a plastic square), but this is not a normal caramel. Buttery and just chewy enough without sticking to your teeth, it is covered in thick chocolate and then sprinkled with smoked salt or their award-winning gray salt. Just divine. Made in Seattle, it reminds me of that salty city with sweet memories.

No matter whom I share my life with, they will always know that Fran’s must be a part of every holiday, birthday and in between. A girl can’t compromise – it’s my special moment in time.


One response to “Salty and sweet

  1. I love Fran’s caramels!

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